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    Riječki korzo

Logo 2020

We are informing you that the new date for the festival is taking place
30.09-03.10.2021. in Opatija.

Propositions of competition

1. Festival vision

The aim of the Festival is the gathering of amateur wind orchestras on the base of competition, encouraging mutual cooperation, and improving the quality of wind music in the Central European region and beyond.

2. Right to participate on the Festival

All wind orchesters from the central European countries and the rest of Europe can participate on the contest. The conditions of the contest are mandatory and apply to all orchestras participating at the festival. The festival will allow not more than 25 participating orchestras. The orchestras are not allowed to exchange or substitute their members for the duration of the festival. The organizer allows the presence of professional musicians in each orchestra, but only if they are indeed full members of the orchestra. The orchestra can include not more than three supplementary performers – amateurs for the participation on the festival, but only if they are needed for the performance of the compositions.

3. Implementation

The festival consits of two parts:

3.1. The contest
3.2. The obligatory part of Festival
3. 1. The contest procedure

Those orchestras that choose to be in more difficult categories, can choose between:

a) the highest level,
b) the high level,
c) the middle level,

Youth orchestra:
d) the lower level
e) the enterance level

In those four categories they will have to perform three different compositions
a.) Introductory composition
b.) Obligatory composition
c.) Composition of choice

The order of performance of the obligatory composition and the composition of choice is not set, but has to be duly announced to the jury prior to their performance. The introductory composition will not be graded. This composition has to be a work of a high artistic value.
The choice of the obligatory composition will determine the category to which the orchestra will be assigned to. The composition of choice has to be of the same or of the similar level as the obligatory composition. Instrumental or vocal soloist compositions are not going to be allowed. The performance time in each of the four categories must not exceed 30 minutes.
The orchestras will exchange on stage every 40 minutes. Each orchestra have to send the organizer five copies of the composition of choice by Juni 30th 2021

Obligatory composition for Wind orchestar

A) - Degree of difficulty 4.5/5 - Philip Sparke - Sinfonietta n ° 4 – Anglo Music
B) - Degree of difficulty 3.5/4 - Franco Cesarini - Images of a City - Mitropa Music
C) - Degree of difficulty 2.5/3 - Jacob de Haan - Ministry of Winds - De Haske Music

Obligatory composition for begonners and youth orchestras:
D) - Degree of difficulty 2/2.5- Luciano Feliciani - Old American Song - Scomegna Music Editions
E) - Degree of difficulty 1.5/2 - Fritz Neubock - Checkpoint - Rundel Verlag – 

Composition for Brass Bands:

A) Degree of difficulty -5-6 - Johan de Meij - - Extreme Make-Over - Amstel Music
B) Degree of difficulty - 4-5 - Jan de Haan - The patriots - De Haske Music
C) Degree of difficulty - 3-4 - Oliver Waespi - Theme and Variations - Beriato Music
D) Degree of difficulty -2-3 - Jacob de Haan - Bliss - De Haske Music
E) Degree of difficulty 1.5 / 2 - Ennio Salvere - A social Suite - Molenaar editio

3. 2. The Obligatory part of Festival:

- Grand Parade of the Orchestra (Rijeka Korzo-Promenade) the Orchestras are
performing marches of free choice
- Joint performance of multiple orchestras (the organizer send the names of three
composition via email adress)

4. Elements of evaluation
1. Overall impression
2. Music expression
3. Articulation
4. Performance technique
5. Measure and metric
6. Performance dynamics
7. Performance pace
8. Tone equalizing of orchestra
9. Music expression
10. Interpretation and style

Judges will give 10 maximum points for every element. The evaluation is next:

10 = „excellent,
9 = „very good“
8 = „good“
7 = „satisfactory“
6 = „unsatisfactory“

The Obligatory composition and the composition of choice are valued separately.

5. Jury

The jury has an international character and is appointed by the organizer of the festival.
All contestants are evaluated by a jury consisting of 3 or 5 members depending on the number of orchestras in the competition A judge can not be a member of a participating orchestra.
The assessments and judges decisions are final and the orchestras do not have any rights to complain.

6. Awards and prizes

During the Award giving ceremony, each orchestra will be proclaimed with their achieved place and the final number of points won at the contest. At that time the orchestras will be awarded with these awards:

90,1 – 100 point: „participated with outstanding success“
80,1 – 90 points: „achieved very good success at the festival“
70,1 – 80 points: „achieved a good success at the festival“
60,0 - 70 points: „participated in the festival“

For the first three orchestras will be in each category to assign the following plaquetes.:

1. Place: Golden plaque 2. Place: Silver plaque 3. Place: Bronze plaque
Prizes from sponsors will be announced later.

In addition, a special plaque is given for the best interpretation of the obligatory composition and for the best conductor of the competition. After the announcement of the results, the conductors of the orchestra perform an expert conversation with the president and members of the jury.

7. Application

On your request we send you an application form: The deadline for submitting the application is 15 January 2019 and the deadline for sending the official documentation to the orchestra is 15.02.2019 at the organizer of the competition.

The following documents:

1. Name of the composition and the composer of the introductory composition
2. Sheet music of the composition of choice
3. Current photo of the orchestra
4. Description of the orchestra (the year of Establishment, the eventual success of
participation in various events, numbers of the participants and the youth orchestra)
5. Complete list of all performing musicians stating their position in the orchestra
(see article 2 )
6. The approximately number of the participants (including accompanying persons that do not
themselves participate in the contest) in order to be able to reserve the hotel rooms (by
March 10th, 2020.)

8. General regulations

The organizer is obliged to implement all epidemiological measures prescribed in the Republic of Croatia.Orchestras and their members must adhere to epidemiological measures if they wish to participate in the festival.The orchestras will  be informed in a timely manner which measures will be implemented in the period September - October 2021.

All orchestras will receive the list of other participating orchestras one month before the start of the festival. The program booklets of the festival will be distributed at the start of the festival. All participants who are coming from abroad can also come earlier or stay a bit longer after the end of the festival itself. The price of such an arrangement can be furnished by the organizer of the festival. Organizer will take rights for all audio and video tracks from the festival. During the festival, orchestras are not entitled to monetary claims from the organizer. In case of some unforeseen circumstances, organizer has the right to change the schedule of the program and program execution locations.
The Organizer can not be responsible for possible theft, damage to the instruments, clothing or any items of value that are owned by the orchestra. The organizer has right to not include or disqualify orchestras that do not follow the propositions of festival

www.blasmusikfestival.net (Mitteleuropa Blasmusikfest 2021  Opatija /Croatia)