• Dear wind music orchestras,
    We invite you to the city of Split on the international festival of amateur  wind music  „Mitteleuropa Blasmusikfest 2015. ". Participants of the festival, wind music orchestras from the Croatian and other European countries will be located at Hotel Medena *** 4km  from  Trogir and  7 km  from  Split airport.

    The aim of the Festival is the popularization of wind music and also to develop mutual cooperation between the orchestras and raise the quality of amateur work in the Central Europe as a whole. The orchestras  from  other parts  of Europe and the world  are on these same grounds, encouraged to participate. The festival is of competitive nature and the orchestras will compete in five different categories (A, B, C  for senior  and  D, E for youth categories) which differ in the level of difficulty.

    The festival consits of two parts:
    3.1. The contest,
    3.2. The Obligatory part of Festival,

    3. 1. The contest procedure

    Those orchestras that choose to be in more difficult categories, can choose between the highest level, the high level, the middle level and the lowel level. In those four categories they will have to perform three different compositions.

    a.) Introductory composition
    b.) Obligatory composition
    c.) Composition of choice

    The order of performance of the obligatory composition and the composition of choice is not set, but has to be duly announced to the jury prior to their performance. The introductory composition will not be graded. This composition has to be a work of a high artistic value.

    The choice of the obligatory composition will determine the category to which the orchestra will be assigned to. The composition of choice has to be of the same or of the similar level as the obligatory composition. Instrumental or vocal soloist compositions are not going to be allowed.
    The performance time in each of the four categories must not exceed 30 minutes.The orchestras will exchange on stage every 40 minutes.
    Each orchestra have to send the organizer five copies of the composition of choice by March 01th 2015.

    Obligatory composition

    a) The highest level: : Jericho (Bert Appermont )Beriato  Music../ De Haske  Publishing BV
    b) High level:  Ross Roy (Jacob de Haan)  De  Haske  Publishing  BV
    c) Middle level::   Inn  All  It*s  Glory  (James Swearingen) C. I. Barnhouse Company

    youth orchestra:

    d) Lowel level:   Four  Old  Dances (Jan van  der Roost) De Haske  Publishing  BV
    e) Enterance level:  Folk Song  Variants (Robert W.Smith) C.I Barnhouse Company

    All compositions can be ordered through publishers given below:
    1.Musikverlag Abel, Uga 80   6884 Damüls, Österreich, Tel. +43 (05510) 3050
    2.Musikverlag Rundel, Untere Gewendhalde 27-29, 88430 Rot an der Rot
    DeutschlandTel. +49 (08395) 94260

    3.De Haske Publications BV, Businesspark Friesland-West 15, 8440 AS Heerenveen, Niederlande, Tel. +31 (0513) 65 30 53

    3. 2. The Obligatory part of Festival

    a.)  Grand Parade of the Orchestra (City Park  - Prokurative )  the Orchestras are performing  wind music( marches ) of free choice .
    b)Upon arrival at Prokurative orchestras  perform together three compositions (after receiving the application of the festival the organizer will send the names of compositions and conductors)

    More informations in PROPOSITIONS and FESTIVAL PROGRAM
    Entry fee to the festival for category A ,B, C  D and E is 230€  per orchestra.
    All participants will get the festival brochure as a souvenir so that they could remember this important event that will promote wind music.

    Accommodation is organized in Hotel Medena***. Festival package basis  of full bord  including (three nights and three meals) from  21th April (dinner) to 24th April 2016. (breakfast).. At your request we will send you e-mail the price for accommodation and food for the members of the orchestra and their escort (tourists).Conductor or manager of the orchestra has free accommodation and food at our festival. Also it is possible to come sooner or later to the festival, price of  hotel package is different.

    email:   or  (Mitteleuropa Blasnusikfest 2015 Split)